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Why Akshya Financial?

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At Akshya Financial, we know that more wealth does not automatically lead to more happiness in life. Money is not an end in itself but simply the means for people to have more choices in taking care of themselves and all that matters to them; an important resource that not only fuels our dreams but also enables us to be agents of good in the world. That is why we are passionate about helping our clients build financial strategies that will allow them to be good stewards of money and live a life of significance.

Our Objective

Akshya is derived from the Sanskrit word “Akshaya”, which means inexhaustible or eternal. We are inspired by the concept of “Akshaya-patra”, which means “ an inexhaustible vessel.” In Indian mythology, whatever is put into the Akshaya-patra multiplies and becomes infinite. As an example, for a farmer, a handful of seeds sown in a well-prepared field acts as an Akshaya-patra that allows the farmer to continually reap harvest after harvest as long as he or she diligently sets aside the (initial) handful of seeds for sowing again in the future. Such a farmer can feed his or her family today and well in the future. Economists and accountants may see this as cost recovery principle or return on equity.

At Akshya Financial we see it as an inspiration for designing holistic financial strategies for our clients that act as their own Akshaya-patra over time and allows them to enjoy their wealth while still create a lasting legacy for their family and the larger community. We do this by simplifying the planning process to help you clarify what matters most, prioritize your goals, educate you on the options that will help you achieve those goals, and implement the solutions that best help you to live a meaningful life.

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Ashish Tomar, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL®

President and Financial Adviser

Ashish founded Akshya Financial in response to his own experience as an immigrant and the profound lack of culturally aware financial services for clients with family ties to countries outside the United States. While working as an Analyst at a fortune 500 financial services company, he meticulously researched various strategies that wealthy Americans have used successfully for generations in areas of tax planning, investment planning, risk management, business planning, retirement planning, asset protection, and estate planning. He discovered how a combination of such strategies when implemented properly, allow successful people to not just maximize personal wealth but also transfer significant wealth to future generations, set up endowments, and make large charitable gifts. He is passionate about sharing these strategies with anyone that is interested but especially with the first- or second-generation immigrants to America like himself, so that they can effectively establish themselves financially and contribute to the richness of our diverse nation for generations to come.

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Ashish is a tireless advocate for his clients and loves to help people address their fears around money and replace it with hope. He has devoted over 13,000 hours advising clients on everything from developing budgets that work in real life to implementing advanced tax reduction strategies that maximize retirement income, and everything in between. He has also invested over 4000 hours so far in professional education and earned several designations from The American College. As an avid researcher, he devotes several hours every week reading journal articles and white papers on complex economic and financial topics from reputed institutions and thought leaders. He leverages cutting-edge research and his experience in working with real people as their adviser to develop insightful ways to communicate complex concepts with sophisticated simplicity.

Ashish was born and grew up in India. He earned his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Ashish served in the Royal British Army and worked as an Analyst at a fortune 500 financial services company before establishing his own financial advisory firm in 2005. He has earned the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®), and Chartered Advisor in Senior Living (CASL®) designations from The American College. He has qualified as a member of the Million Dollar Round Table each year since 2010 and actively mentors several financial advisers around the country.

When not working with his clients, Ashish loves to spend time with his wife and children, explore the world, and be outdoors. He has traveled the length and breadth of India, hiked and rock-climbed in the French Alps, and circumnavigated Lake Superior on a motorcycle. Together with his family, Ashish has visited almost every country in Southeast Asia. Their next goal is to visit all the national parks in America. Ashish’s upcoming adventure includes walking the two UNESCO world heritage pilgrimage trails: Kumano Kodo in Japan and El Camino De Santiago in Northern Spain.

Business & Estate Planning Team

Ashish is a member of The Nautilus Group, a service of New York Life Insurance Company and a resource for estate conservation and business succession ideas that is made available to a limited number of subscribing agents. The Nautilus Group provides a range of specialized consultative services and technical case design to support Ashish's clients at Akshya Financial in the areas of: estate and legacy planning, business planning, tax planning, philanthropy and other advanced planning strategies.


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